CREOTALENTS.COM is part of the Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise Programme and funded by the British Council. The platforms is made possible thanks to the involvement of academic experts in entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy from the University of Birmingham in the UK, Oxford Brookes University in the UK and L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University in Kazakhstan.

The platform is a space for creative individuals and students to learn entrepreneurship skills and take their talent to the next level. We have designed five specific courses for creative entrepreneurs to learn about:

  1. Starting a Creative Business
  2. Intellectual Property and Marketing
  3. Creative Teams and Projects
  4. Finance and Investors
  5. Freelancing for Corporate Partners

In addition, we will also give you a space to promote your freelancer profile on our platform. You will be able to showcase your skills and expertise in our Freelancers, and more importantly promote projects and works for potential clients and investors in our Projects page.

The aim of CREOTALENTS is to empower creative talents to succeed in the world of business, develop and protect their intellectual property, work in global team projects, partner with local and corporate clients and grow their exposure, recognition and profits. Our Capacity Development Strategy is underlined by three main principles:

  • Provide a multidisciplinary digital platform where creative entrepreneurs can develop their business skills.
  • Enable creative entrepreneurs to showcase their talents as freelancers or small firms to attract clients and investors.
  • Offer a space to creative entrepreneurs to showcase their projects to increase visibility.

Our vision

Entrepreneurship outcomes: This project will offer an innovative blended learning experience, combining face-to-face, online and mentoring activities for a consistent transition from the basics of entrepreneurship to hands-on experience with crowdfunding and virtual support for real-life implementation of ideas.

Training outcomes: This collaboration will enable fruitful entrepreneurial training exchanges between the UK, Kazakh and Central Asia university tutors, experimenting a new format of training across academia and the industry with cross-national teams will be useful for all institutions to learn and adapt its outcomes to their home institutions for providing a better pathway from education to work for their home students.

Research outcomes: This project will develop a long lasting legacy, aiming to provide a leading standard specialised in creative industries for the digital sharing economy. This will be done by reflecting on the experience of working with the creative entrepreneurs and possibly collecting and analysing data from this project for research and project grant purposes in the future.

Industry outcomes: This project would not only enable the academics to train a selected cohort of entrepreneurs in the creative industries, but also create the first database of its kind for freelancers and start-ups in this area larger firms can turn to for their projects. This will bridge the gap between smaller and larger companies, nurturing a collaborative rather than a competitive environment.

Policy outcomes: This project will put entrepreneurship training on the spotlight as a powerful tool for economic development and as an opportunity to provide employment to young generations in the creative industries. We aim to influence policy to make more funding available for start-ups and incubators, entrepreneurship hubs for creative ecosystems.

Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise Programme

Our Team

Professor Levent Altinay

Research Director

Dr Armiyash Nurmagambetova

Local Organising Director
Endrit Kromidha

Dr Endrit Kromidha

Founder and General Director